Supervisor Researcher, ITIDLab | Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Monash University

Prof. Li’s research has been centred on the synthesis and processing of emergent graphene-based soft materials (including polymer composites) for applications relating to healthcare, energy storage and conversion and water purification. His team has invented two classes of gel-type graphene materials with unprecedented properties: (1) multilayered graphene hydrogel membranes that combine high electrical conductivity, high accessible surface area, mechanical flexibility and robustness and tuneable surface chemistry and intersheet spacing (Science, 341, 534-537 (2013)) and (2) 3D graphene aerogel that combines high porosity, mechanical resilience, superelasticity, lightweight and high conductivity (Nature Communications 3, 1241, (2012)).


His team has been actively collaborating with relevant medical experts to examine the biocompatibility of graphene-based materials, and particularly explore their potential applications as neural and cardiac scaffolds, membranes for guided bone generation and drug control release, implantable electrodes, and as a new generation flexible pressure-sensing component in wearable electronics. His group is also interested in developing new graphene-based chemical/biological sensors and using these unique graphene architectures as experimental platforms to study important fundamental problems such as nano-confined ion transport and biomechanics.