Profeet is a pair of smart ankle braces with a smart watch system. It is called smart braces because there are many smart sensors in the brace.


Profeet is very useful and helpful to protect users from feet injuries in sports. Before sports, users can check their data of risks the last time they played sports.


Warm-up exercises are so significant for a sports player that people cannot ignore them every time they play sports. According to the sports items which users chose, Profeet will automatically list the specific types of warm-up exercises for users to finish.

During the sports time, Profeet shows the data of specific feet parts. When the pressure data or the temperature is higher than normal, Profeet will give users some feedback and alerts.

Smart Watch App

Designer: Chen Cao

Age: 26


He graduated from Master of Interaction Design in Monash University. After finishing his bachelor degree in Industrial Design, he decided to further his design study in Australia. During his 6-year study, he obtained skills and knowledge in design, and he accomplished many projects both in his work and study period as well. He has crazy enthusiasm in design. His dream is to change everyone's daily live by his creation.

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