Designer: Nannan Jia

Age: 25


Educated at Monash University, majoring in Master of Interaction Design, but passionate and love all section of Art and Design, especially in terms of Graphic Design and highly proficient. The most important thing in my life is to have a clearly aim and fight for it, after all, nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it.


Cycle is a smart bicycle seat for riders. This seat is to help riders to reduce the risks of bicycle crashes and physical injuries.


The main functions of this product are monitoring user’s cycling posture and help users to set their bicycles. The reason why I want to monitor rider’s posture is incorrect riding posture and demanding too much of your body can lead to a variety of cycling-related injuries and bike crashes. And this product is mainly detecting two main postures, which are sitting position and bank. The seat will record and give users feedback about their posture during cycling. It also tracks other real time data, such as time, speed, and route. Let user know these data can help them to stay active and on top of their fitness goals in a smart way.

Prototype Test
Cycle Application
Sensor Test

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