Designer: Chin Chooi, Liew

Age: 24 (as of 2016)


Currently pursuing Master of Interaction Design at Monash University with aims to explore the limits and possibilities of human-technology relationships, she finds interests in discovering meaningful interactions that creatively solve problems exist within our society through deep understanding and insights of the problems and the affected user groups, by thoroughly studying their needs, behaviors, and environments. With a Bachelor Degree of IT specializing in Business Information Systems from Malaysia, her acquired knowledge of system design and development provides her the fundamental skillset needed to bring her conceptual designs to life. In the course of her Master degree, she has dedicated 3 semesters into studying the tangible interactions between children and technology.


CUPA is a smart companion for children (4 – 8 years old) that lays foundation for emotional intelligence (EI) and helps foster healthy parent-child relationship by using activity scheduling and creating emotional awareness. There are 3 main components: CUPA, parent app, and child app. Busy parents schedule children’s daily activities on the go or with children via parent app, then CUPA accompanies children throughout the scheduled activities while providing children with interactions that promote EI through two methods: interoception* & deep breathing, and emotional check-in & review. There are in total 5 stages of interaction starting with Awake, then Engage, Check-In, Review, and lastly Sleep. The parent app also serves as a medium for parents to get insights of children’s emotional wellbeing. This information can help parents to find topics to discuss with children. Discussing feelings and emotions is proven to encourage children’s EI development. The main form of interaction with CUPA is hand gestures.


The 2 main contributions are (1) a new and non-conventional approach to children’s EI development, as well as (2) the use of ritual and routine for parent-child relationship enhancement using activity scheduling, and for encouragement of children’s healthy morning and sleep ritual.


*Interoception: The ability to detect signals arising from the inner organs typically indexed using performance on a heartbeat detection task. The ability to detect heartbeats may lead to greater arousal property of one’s experience of emotions.


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