Designer: Jianze Li

Age: 27


I am an energetic imaginative digital & UX designer as well as a junior photographer who work well with minimum supervision. Blend academic training in multi-media design, computing communication and interaction design with hands-on design experience in digital, packaging, and video editing. Customer oriented problem solver with an ability to adapt to new situations and also I am a positive team player who is attentive to detail and produces quality results. 

Hand-made Model
Initial Test Model Frame
Final In-store Rendering Effects
App In-store Mode Discovery
App Online Mode Discovery


This project is designed for physical retailers. Enhancing in-store shopping experience is the first priority. Initially, the idea is to create an interactive table would help shoppers get know products in more details without an assistant and also allow them to design their own products.


Through this design propose to bring a new in-store shopping experience. It combine two main part, one is the online part, which allow customer browse and design online through app or website. Another part is the in-store interactive table.


At a physical store, tangible user interface and controllers gives permission to multiple person from different perspectives interact with the real product. The system includes a variety of product parameters, through user’s action or behaviour, Object simulator is going to illustrate on the touchable 3D model immediately. Moreover, from this kind of interactivities, it is not only allowing the sellers to get effective feedback from the customer, but also offering customer a chance to preview a real touchable product with diverse design frame or even with their own designed features.


The goal for this project is to discover a new way that would help brick-and-mortar retailers reduce impact on current booming of e-business. A new way to combine current technology and physical store achieve a better in-store shopping experience. Ideally, via this design not restricted by shoes design industrial but also apply to other touchable product.