AR BLOCK is an Augmented Reality educational game. Children (4-6 years old) can assemble tangible blocks and let them become to different buildings. Through playing, children can learn difference between 2D and 3D geometrical shape, basic mathematic knowledge and colour mix knowledge. There are two interactive behaviours: click the screen and rotate the blocks.

What’s more, AR BLOCK also has a system, which serve for parents. Parents can control kids playing time and track their everyday behaviour.

Name: Yujie Zhu

Age: 27



Hi, this is Yujie Zhu. Also you can call me Effie. I graduated at Monash University with Master of Interaction Design degree. My previous studies mainly focused on building an educational approach with the purpose of training children’s daily life skills and teaching basic knowledge of pre-school education. 

Now I’m working as an interaction Designer in a technology company in Beijing, which specialises in children’s education. My current role at this company covers designing every products logical process and managing one of 2C product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities.

If you have anything would like to talk with me, please feel free to contact me by email. Thanks.

Graduation exhibition-1
Graduation exhibition-2
Graduation exhibition-3
Graduation exhibition-4
Foundation card and building card
Colour blocks change building color
Interface for parents
AR BLOCK interface

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